Paris (France, not Texas)

Paris in 35mm black and white, scanned as colorEurope2012-45 midnight in Paris Europe2012-17 Crepes at midnight Europe2012-19 Europe2012-20 Europe2012-21 Europe2012-22 Europe2012-23 Europe2012-24 Europe2012-25 Europe2012-26 Europe2012-27 Europe2012-28 Europe2012-29 Europe2012-31 Europe2012-32 Europe2012-34 Europe2012-35 Europe2012-36 Europe2012-37 Europe2012-38 Europe2012-39 Europe2012-40 Europe2012-41 Europe2012-42 Europe2012-43 Europe2012-44 Europe2012-33

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One thought on “Paris (France, not Texas)

  1. David says:

    Nice collection

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